2007 was a momentous year for Qatar and for BD&P. The country’s active participation in the United Nations resulted in its election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, setting a standard for other young and enterprising nations. Under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir, this was an opportunity for Qatar to leverage its commitment on global issues to create tangible changes thus raising the country’s profile even higher.

This set in motion the next decisive steps for BD&P to further excel by adopting a new vision and in 2007, the group was rebranded as Darwish Holding. The new positioning reinforced the group’s vision, encouraging it to become a globally reputable conglomerate helmed by forward-thinking leaders and innovators.

Darwish Holding was determined that its every project should be world-class, establishing new barometers of success. This led to a consolidation of divisions and spinning off of others to form new entities, expanding the group’s portfolio to include core activities such as Retail Services, Consumer, Commercial, Estate, Investments, Ventures, and Business Services.

In line with the same vision, Modern Home was also rebranded in 2008 to its new identity, Fifty One East, with a philosophy anchored in the belief that only the finest attracts the best. With a name reflecting Qatar’s geographical coordinates on the world map, Fifty One East emerged as a paragon of impeccable taste by offering a fusion of incomparable luxury, personalized hospitality and impeccable service.

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