Delivering Qatar’s Aspiration

Charting economic and social progress in modern societies depends on a clear vision and a strategy about how to get there. Wise political leaders know the direction in which they would like their societies to develop, balancing the interests of present and future generations.

Qatar National Vision 2030

The future of Darwish Holding is aligned to the Qatar National Vision. Chaired by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, the National Vision aims to transform Qatar into an advanced country by 2030.

A country capable of fostering its own progress and granting a high standard of living to its citizens and future generations needs wise political leadership. It also needs the support of visionary business leaders. Darwish Holding is ready, able, committed and determined to play its role.

While helping meet these objectives, Darwish Holding is intent on remaining at the forefront of innovative and groundbreaking ventures that will propel Qatar forward. It will continue to employ the best contemporary management practices that favourably accommodate shifting market demands and challenges. Darwish Holding’s long-term ambitions link directly to the four pillars of the Qatar National Vision; Human, Social, Economic and Environmental Development.

Focusing on Human Assets

The company is committed to increasing the national standard of living by inspiring and motivating the workforce to perform better and cultivate their full potential. It will draw on local capabilities and invest in world-class international talent to accomplish various business and national goals.

Enhancing Community Value

Empowering the community has always been a distinctive aspect of Darwish Holding and it takes pride in being socially aware and proactive. Through constant community engagement, the company resolves to balance corporate profitability with efforts that will enrich the community at social and cultural levels.

Creating a Prosperous Economy

To vigorously contribute to Qatar’s economic diversification, Darwish Holding intends to lead the way with disciplined investments, technical prowess and financially sound initiatives. By optimising its vast experience, the group is determined to translate its core values into actions that will lead to economic prosperity.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Always thinking ahead, the company aims to understand environmental challenges and uphold national efforts geared towards sustainability by encouraging its divisions to incorporate conservation efforts and sustainable solutions.

As a dynamic organisation with a rich legacy and proud traditions, commitment to its core principles and founding values remains the key to future growth and success. Backed by its drive to excel, the group will persevere in enhancing its performance in ways that effectively support Qatar’s development strategy for the benefit of future generations.