Technology division is a retailer and distributor of a wide range of premium audio-visual and home entertainment systems, electronics and IT brands, in addition to home appliances, which have enhanced the lives of the people of Qatar.

Since the 1950s, Qatari residents have enjoyed Sony, one of the world’s most advanced technology brands, introduced to the country by Darwish Holding. The product offering soon expanded to include other sophisticated and renowned brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Apple, Yamaha, Bosch and Sennheiser.

In the Technology division, music is believed to be not only an important form of connection and emotion but also a social mission. The debut of Yamaha musical instruments, followed by the legendary Gibson guitars, Meinl percussion instruments and the outstanding Bösendorfer pianos, enabled the residents of Qatar to pursue and develop their passion for and creativity in music.

Consumer electronics products and music instruments are available at prime retail locations around Qatar. Prompt and efficient customer service, a skilled and knowledgeable staff always available for advice and consultancy, and a fully dedicated after-sales services set the Technology division at Darwish Holding apart from the rest.

The Technology division also expanded into opening several retail stores like: Bang & Olufsen, Bosch, Bose, iSpace,  Fnac and Music Square.

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions Division understands that the future lies in offering integrated solutions to homes, corporations, institutions and entertainment zones.

Founded in 2005, Technology Solutions has emerged as a leader in delivering efficient, cutting-edge technology solutions to various sectors of the market. Its specialist designers, engineers and technicians collaborate to create commercial and bespoke solutions that enhance standards, by promoting superior education and entertainment systems, better security, and convenient parking facilities. Starting from design, execution, testing and commissioning to maintenance and after sales support, technology solutions have been developed for the education sector, hotels and hospitality establishments, commercial towers, corporations, government firms, and entertainment venues.

The range of services offered focuses on low current solutions and includes audio-visual systems and processors, security and CCTVs, access control and intrusion detection, fire warning systems, lighting, control and video switching, dimming and home automation, video conferencing, audio conferencing and translation systems, in addition to integrated interactive technology solutions for education.

Technology Solutions offers an innovative and interactive methodology of engaging and inspiring minds. Its rapidly expanding portfolio includes Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Yamaha, Bosch, AMX, Promethean, Christie Digital, Da-Lite, Daktronics, Draper, Euro Display, Extron, Screenline, TLS communication and many more.

At every stage, from enquiry to installation to after-sales, Darwish Technology Solutions offers world-renowned brands with friendly customer service to ensure smooth implementation of systems that are cost-effective, premium and flexible for future expansion purposes.