The years 2001 to 2006 were defining years for Qatar as well as for BD&P. The increasing population and the construction boom set the nation on a new course. To appeal to tourists, the Tourism Authority launched a scheme allocating US$ 15 billion to build outstanding hotels, museums and theme parks, and to expand the national airline, Qatar Airways.

In 2005, the government founded the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) to enhance the financial sector and attract international financial services and reputable multinational corporations. In December 2006, Doha hosted The 15th Asian Games that was instrumental in putting Qatar on the world map.

Between 2001 and 2006, BD&P underwent a major transformation that led to tremendous growth. A new, inspired leadership revitalised operations, leading to an exciting momentum and performance improvements. Massive investments of efforts and funds were channeled for effective restructuring that refined strategic focus, enterprise and equity worth. BD&P recruited excellent talent to accelerate its revenue growth. This comprehensive restructuring proved to be optimum and returned high dividends and towards the end of 2006, resulted in its turnover multiplying by seven.

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