As income from oil exports increased, Qatar’s landscape began to swiftly change and modern amenities became prevalent. A major hallmark of development was the construction of a power plant in the bustling city of Doha. The first street to be powered by electricity was called Kahraba Street, derived from the Arabic word for ‘electricity’.

The advent of electricity represented a pivotal revolution and the establishment of Modern Home on Kahraba Street also took place during this momentous decade. It was the first department store that enabled Qataris to visualize the future of every home. As the premier store to feature air conditioners and television sets, Modern Home served as a symbol of the nation’s evolution.

In the 1950s, Darwish built a clock tower as homage to the community’s advancement that served as an enduring landmark honoring Qatar’s rich legacy. Towards the end of this decade, the Darwish group helped foment progress by harnessing opportunities and innovations to further enhance the living standards of Qatar’s citizens.

To intensify the strength of Modern Home and raise its profile further, a selection of the world’s most renowned brands was brought to Qatar. Premium brands were sourced and imported to elevate the quality of life and inspire its citizens. With the introduction of globally prominent names like Rolex, CHANEL, Bally of Switzerland, and Sony, Modern Home started to shine as an icon of prosperity and symbolic change within the peninsula of Qatar.

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