Over a century ago, the Al-Darwish business embarked on a remarkable journey that led to a promising future, inspiring generations. The milestones attained with every decade since its formation instilled a deep sense of pride within the business. Every challenge revealed an opportunity to strengthen the organization and reach new heights. As Qatar evolved into a prosperous nation, the group also advanced into a conglomerate guided by the founding principles of respect, integrity, and drive.

The enterprising founders, Abdullah Darwish together with his brothers, Kassem and Abdulrahman, headed a growing business that their father, the late Darwish Bin Jassem Fakhroo cultivated since the 1900s.

When Qatar began producing oil, Abdullah Darwish realized the challenges ahead and imagined possibilities to uplift the community. He helped his fellow citizens form small businesses dealing in support services for the oil industry like labor, housing and catering services, and later diversified into travel, hotels, and construction. A new corporate value of gratitude blossomed for those who helped Qatar in the early stages – this principle would be greatly significant in the future.

Knowing the discovery of oil would radically change his homeland, Abdullah Darwish’s entrepreneurial aspirations soared and he was determined his fellow citizens would benefit from this fortune. Pioneering this community spirit is a core tenet upheld throughout generations at Darwish Holding.


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